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Medical Product Guide

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Types Of Hearing Aids You Can Buy Online


When it comes to the body senses, your hearing is a vital part. It is the sense which allows us to receive the message that other people are conveying to us. You can listen to music and fully enjoy movies if you have a proper hearing. Unfortunately, there are instances where people experience hearing problems. Nonetheless, there is a solution for the hearing issues as the medical industry invented hearing aids.


Medical equipment are now readily available as these equipment including digital hearing aids are even sold online. Let us check the different types of hearing aids you can get from online stores.




It is a hearing aid which is molded to fully fit the inside of your ear. For people with moderate hearing problems, this is the recommended type of hearing aid. Since CIC is the least noticeable and tiniest hearing device, there are people who call this siemens hearing aids as mini CIC. The CIC hearing aid also needs tiny batteries to function. Unfortunately, this is not the best choice for people with arthritis or have a hard time using small items.




ITC digital hearing aids occupy a portion of the ear canal. It is another option for CIC since these both work properly for people suffering minor hearing problems. Even if the ITC is comparably larger than CIC hearing aids, it is still barely noticeable. Some of the features in ITC are not available in CIC hearing aids. Unfortunately, earwax would frequently clog the speaker of the hearing aid. A hearing aid cleaner from will do the trick.




This type of digital hearing aids comes in two styles which are full shell and half shell. Full shell ITE devices can cover the whole outer ear. Meanwhile, half shells only occupy the lower portion of the outer ear. ITE hearing aid can assist people with severe hearing loss. A lot of old people are using this type of hearing aid both half and full shells. This device has a lot of great functions such as volume control which cannot be found on small hearing aids. The great thing of bigger hearing aids is these can use large batteries which can last longer compared to smaller devices and elderly people will not have a hard time using the device.




BTE hearing aids are hooked above the ear. The hearing aid has a thin tube and earpieces installed. Ear molds are designed to perfectly fit your ear canal. The BTE hearing devices are average size hearing aids however new models are now smaller.


Make sure to visit an ear specialist before you purchase a hearing device. This will help you determine the type of hearing device perfect for your hearing issues. You can also read some hearing aid reviews to know the best hearing aid available. Continue reading here: